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This is an overview over the complete work of Peter Creswell.
For more details and to order please click the relevant item.


Mass in c minor (2015)


David (22.11.2014)

Cathedral 2015

A dramatic musical story for narrator

and concert pianist.

Saturday 23rd May 2015

Matthew McCombie and Mike Breen

Sancroft Memorial Hall, Fressingfield, Suffolk

Easter Cantata

Before Pilate

Mass in e (2nd performance)

Midsummer Hare (October 2013)

The Midsummer Hare was premièred at St Mary's Church, Wortham, Suffolk on Saturday 29th June 2013

Peter Creswell played piano; Helen Morgan, clarinet; Max Sainsbury; bassoon, Catherine Johnson, cello; Nigel Morgan, flute; Cecilia Metherell, violin, Duncan Young, double bass and Sue Heaser, percussion. The premier performance has been captured on a high quality CD and orders may be placed on the website at

Peters Potpourri (2011)

Rackety Rector 1+2 (2012)

Mass in c minor 2008

Mass in g minor

Cobbold’s Tales

full length musical with music composed by Peter Creswell was performed in Wortham Church in 2002; at the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds in 2003; and as a concert version in 2007

Symphony Concert 2001

Symphony Concert 2001 (Bonus)

Zimbabwe (1984)

Piano Concert in d minor

The Prodigal Son & The Good Samaritan


Concerts filmed in HD:

Save the cross key (2017)

St Lukes Passion

(Before Pilate / Mass - 2017)

(in Production)

Midsummer Hare (2017)


Soiree 2017








Well there you have it 2016

Soiree 2016

Cathedral (2015)








David (2015)







Mass in c minor nov 2015


Rackety Rector (2012)

(in Standard Resolution only)

Christmas Show 2017


Soiree 2018


The Prodigal Son & The Good Samaritan

3-Disc-Set (BluRay, DVD, Multimedia DVD


Welcome aboard the R34

100th Anniversary
Premiere 13. 7. 2019
Cornhall, Diss

Mark Saberton
Selina Hawker
Julie Roberts
Djinh Kamei
Jennifer Hewes
Sean Webster
Music by Peter Creswell
Lyrics by Jennifer Hewes and Peter Creswell
Total playing time: 1.53.07



11-Disc-Set BluRay + DVD

Disc 1 (BluRay):  Premiere (HD)
Disc 2 (DVD): Premiere (SP)
Disc 3 (BluRay): Fact and Fiction (HD) 6.29
Making of R34 (HD)2/4 1.02.27
Making of „I wanna see you tonight“-
videoclip (HD) 3.04
Designing „Floating up“ (HD) 2.09
Video-Clips (HD)
Disc 4 (BluRay):
The real story of the R34 (HD) 1.14.58
Making of R34 1/4 (HD) 28.12
Disc 5 (BluRay):
Making of R34  3/4 (HD) 25.03
Making of R34 4/4 (HD)  53.20
Disc 6 (DVD):
Making of R34 (SP) 1/4 28.12
Making of R34 (SP) 2/4 1.02.27
Fact and Fiction (SP) 6.29
Disc 7 (DVD):
Making of R34 (SP) 3/4 25.03
Making of R34 (SP) 4/4 53.20
Disc 8 (DVD):
The real story of the R34 (SP) 1.14.58
Making of „I wanna see you tonight“-
videoclip (SP) 3.04
Designing „Floating up“ (SP) 2.09
Video-Clips (SP) 
Discs 9+10 Audio-CD
Act 1 + Act 2
Disc 11 Multimedia DVD for mobile devices:
mp3 music files
mp4 videofiles
Programme PDF

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