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Mass in c minor (2015)


David (22.11.2014)

Cathedral 2015

A dramatic musical story for narrator

and concert pianist.

Saturday 23rd May 2015

Matthew McCombie and Mike Breen

Sancroft Memorial Hall, Fressingfield, Suffolk

Easter Cantata

Before Pilate

Mass in e (2nd performance)

Midsummer Hare (October 2013)

The Midsummer Hare was premièred at St Mary's Church, Wortham, Suffolk on Saturday 29th June 2013

Peter Creswell played piano; Helen Morgan, clarinet; Max Sainsbury; bassoon, Catherine Johnson, cello; Nigel Morgan, flute; Cecilia Metherell, violin, Duncan Young, double bass and Sue Heaser, percussion. The premier performance has been captured on a high quality CD and orders may be placed on the website at

Peters Potpourri (2011)

Rackety Rector 1+2 (2012)

Mass in c minor 2008

Mass in g minor

Cobbold’s Tales

full length musical with music composed by Peter Creswell was performed in Wortham Church in 2002; at the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds in 2003; and as a concert version in 2007

Symphony Concert 2001

Symphony Concert 2001 (Bonus)

Zimbabwe (1984)

Piano Concert in d minor

The Prodigal Son & The Good Samaritan


Well there you have it - Peter Creswell
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Concerts filmed in HD:

Save the cross key (2017)

St Lukes Passion

(Before Pilate / Mass - 2017)

(in Production)

Midsummer Hare (2017)


Soiree 2017








Well there you have it 2016

Soiree 2016

Cathedral (2015)








David (2015)







Mass in c minor nov 2015


Rackety Rector (2012)

(in Standard Resolution only)

Christmas Show 2017


Soiree 2018

The Prodigal Son & The Good Samaritan

3-Disc-Set (BluRay, DVD, Multimedia DVD