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Christmas Party 2017

An Original Christmas Show

written and produced by

Peter Creswell

lyrics by Peter Creswell and Jennifer Hewes


Botesdale Village Hall

on Sat 23rd Dec at 6p

Peter Creswell


Charlotte Skipp


Mary Borges


William Sergeant


Julian Van Beveren

Stage Management


Children performing

Caitlin Farrow

Beatrice Brice

Annabel Brice

Chloe Thompson

Mille Ramm

Isabella Johnson

Esmé Green

Hannah Hillman

Ellie Dutton

Holly Morgan

Evie Janes

Sasha Spurling

Shona Spurling

Darcey Geeson

Erin Geeson

Grace Wimshurst


 1. Christmas comes but once a Year

Full Company

 2. Santa‘s Song

Timothy Hall & Children

 3. You were oh so shy!

Lesley Dumbell & Jennifer Hewes

 4. Will Father Christmas bring a toy

Grace Wimshurst & Christina Odams

 5. The drummer boy

Leslie Dumbell & Children

 6. Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

Full Company

 7. Jesus Christ is born today

Jennifer Hewes, Lesley Dumbell,

Christina Odams, Alison Dumbell

 8. Rudolph, the red nosed postman

Timothy Hall

 9. Everytime I get a present

Jennifer Hewes, Lesley Dumbell,

with Chorus

10. I wish it wasn‘t Christmas

Jennifer Hewes

11. The monster game

Jennifer Hewes & Children

12. I‘m Steven Brown

Lesley Dumbell

& Alison Dumbell

13. Please buy my violets

Christina Odams

14. Now is the time

for the Christmas Pud

Timothy Hall

& Full Company


Thanks to

all Parents of the Dancers

Botesdale Village Hall committee

Ticket Sale Outlets

All who have assisted


All Cameras, Sound, Video.editing and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix

Ronnie Mehlis


Copyright 2017

This live-recording 

available via eMail from Peter Creswell

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