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MASS in e-flat 

Sunday November 19th at 4 pm
The Chapel of Ease, Botesdale

* Premiere performance
* Top Soloists

* Small orchestra and Chorus

Tickets  £ 15
Redgrave and Wortham Shops
Tel. 0 13 79-89 06 50
Concert lasts one hour
Only 140 Seats . IP22 1BU

Mark Saberton, Selina Hawker
Jennifer Hewes, Djinh Kamei, Coral Ballinger
Matthew McCombie (piano)

From Peter Creswell

This is my fifth setting of the Mass. It is full of variety with serious, light and triumphant music.
These are the sections:

Kyrie Eleison                 Lord have mercy

Gloria                             Glory to God

Credo                             I believe in God    

Sanctus, Benedictus    Holy holy holy    

Dona nobis pacem       Grant us peace

There are many sub divisions including the crucifixion and resurrection. I particularly love the words ‘Pleni sunt coeli et terra. Gloria in excelsis.’ ‘Heaven and earth are full of thy glory. Hosannah in the highest’.
Bishop Nigel Stock was the guest of honour at the first performance of my first Mass in Redgrave church. I have unearthed the wonderful letter he wrote to me on Christmas Eve 2007. Here is an extract: ‘You assembled an excellent choir, orchestra and group of soloists and brought the best out of them. However, apart from that, there was the extraordinary feat of writing and producing the work itself. It was quite clear that your
audience was captivated ...’ .
Do come to the premiere of my 5th Mass in The Chapel of Ease, Botesdale on November 19th. It will be a memorable event!

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