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The Rackety Rector of Rickinghall! (2012)

The Rackety Rector of Rickinghall! DVD

Written and produced by Peter Creswell – A Rainbow Production 2012
Lyrics by Peter Creswell and Jennifer Hewes
Cast: Tim Hall (Rev Edmund Mountjoy – the rector), Jennifer Hewes (Agatha Mountjoy – his wife)

Glyn Mckay (Major Munn – retired amy)

Flo Hall (Sally - the maid)

Sam Cornish (Simon Mountjoy – the son)

David Neeve (Cyril – his friend)

Steve Holmes (Showman)

Paul Hewes (Herbert – the butler)

Kathy Mills (Mrs. Boggis – 93 year old lady)

George Ball (Bill – hall porter 1)

John Tait (Bert – hall porter 2)

Leslie Dumbell (Rev. Cosmo Nutt – a missionary)

Pamela Vinten (Grace – lady of the night)

Rob Johnson (Mr. Longstaff – Chesnut seller)

Mike Daly (Harry – accomplice to above),

John Tait  (Fred – accomplice)

Steve Humfress (Mr. Perkins – MC at the Palace of Variety)

Christina Odams (Miss Fireebody – secretary to the above)
Ladies of the night (also villagers & members of the public in London: Ann Topham, Judith Tooth, Monica Barrell, Sally Goldspink, Jan Harrison, Christina Odams, Kerry Lennox, Christine Vincent, Alison Dumbell
Others who appear in various Guises: Bill Vincent, Ben Goodwin, Sue Johnson, Lydia Botley, Fay Clark, Liberty Goldspink, Steve Sedge, Martin Godfrey, Rob Johnson

01-May I Introduce – Rector & Major Munn
02- When I was a lad - Major Munn & Chorus
03-One lump or two - Agatha, friends & Chorus
04-Dusting - Sally & Simon
05-Croqet - Sally & Simon
06-Fetch me my Bradshaw! - The Rector
07-Herbert, Herbert! - The Rector & Herbert
08-Here comes the Rackety Rector! - Major Munn
09-God bless the Missionary Society – Rev Cosmo Nutt & followers
10-Preaching the Gospel in Matabeleland – Rev Cosmo Nutt & Chorus
11-The Ardvark Song – The Bishop of London
12-None of the girls in London Town – Rector & Grace
13-Fred's got the knife! … - Mr. Longstaff, Harry & Fred
14-London, Come to London … - Full Company
15-Mavid & Flo' – Mr. Perkins
16-Non of the girls in London town (reprise) – Rector & Grace
17-I got it wrong … - The Bishop
18-Don't tell your mother – Rector & Simon
19-You must be in heaven – Rector & Mrs B
20-I'm just a woman – Grace
21-Give him another chance – Herbert, Agatha, Rector
22-What do you want me to sing! - Sally, Miss Freebody
23-I saw you, I saw you … - Major Munn
24-He wasn't in church on Sunday – Mrs. Boggis, Agatha, Herbert, Bishop
25-I'll travel to London – Agatha Herbert
26-We are the ladies of the night – Chorus
27-Oh he's going to be a Bishop! - Full Company
28-London, Come to London – Full Company


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This live-recording 

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This live-recording

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