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A New Musical
Peter Creswell

Celebrated the 100th anniversary
of the first double crossing
of the Atlantic by air, July 1919

Saturday July 13th 2019

The Corn Hall
St Nicholas Street
Diss. Norfolk IP22 4LB

The year is 1919
Join the R34 airship and travel to New York with Captain George Herbert Scott and his galant crew. Experience a storm over the Atlantic. The discovery of a tabby cat on board (Wopsie), the drama of running out of petrol and the great reception in New York.
The beautiful music range
from Ragtime to Swing and Operetta


* Chorus
* Dances
* Orchestra
* Top soloists

Producer: Basil Abbott


A unique, original
and unforgettable ‘musical’


Start your airship-adventure at the

Airship Station at East Fortune
where the R34 left on Wednesday, July 2nd 1919

The 100th anniversary celebration
of the landing in Pulham St Mary on July 13th
took place at the Royal Naval Air Station Pulham St Mary
Find here an original 3D stereoscopic photo from the airship
A Review

History turns into a music masterpiece

Sold out world premiere for „All aboard the R34!“

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first transatlantic flight in an airship both ways from East Fortune, Scotland (2nd July 1919) to New York and back to Pulham St Mary, England (13th July 1919), this musical by composer Peter Creswell and commissioned by producer Basil Abbott, landed an enormous success last weekend at the Cornhall in Diss with more that 30 stunningly beautiful songs, performed by fantastic singers like Mark Saberton, Julie Roberts, Selina Hawker, Djinh Kamei, Sean Webster amd Jennifer Hewes, who also directed this tribute to a historic landmark. The exquisite stage designs, carefully chosen, prepared and animated by Ronnie Mehlis, took the audience into very often historically accurate scenery.

Yet this story really deserves a full-scale musical staging as in the London West End or on Broadway in which it's full potential could be shown. No doubt there is also a high potential to turn this into a musical film like „Les Miserables“or „Phantom of the Opera“. But also these masterpieces took years to get to this level. So let's wait and see where the R34 will find the next successful landing place. RM

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