(Wopsie and the Airship)
Production Diary

6 May 2018

Peter is soon going to do some auditions when the vocal score has been rewritten from handwriting.

June 2018

A principal role will be likely performed by a man between 20 to 30

Singer actor and if possible dancer

29th June 2018

Another visit at Corn Hall in Diss checking and discussing technical options, (fire-escapes and security)rules with the staff: how and where can the orchestra and choir be placed, how do singers approach the stage, how can singers be made aware to come down from 1st floor when they have to do their part? What options for stage/set-designs are available? What options are available for promotion.

Later on at Peter's House there is a first view and discussion about stage designs for projection between Peter, Jennifer Hewes (Director) and Ronnie Mehlis (Stage-projections and lighting-design, Technical Assistant)

Saturday Sep 29th 2018

In a concert in East Harling Church "Peter Creswell's Music" a number of songs from the musical were first performed and very well appreaciated.

The singers were:

Mark Saberton (as Captain Scott)
Selina Hawker
Djinh Kamei · Jennifer Hewes
Tim Hall · George Ball
Chorus and small Orchestra

1.  Sail on through the night great airship! - Selina Hawker  

2.  I’m the second stowaway - Djinh Kamei

3. Make me a Cocoa - Mark Saberton and Djinh Kamei

4. There’s a tail wind astern - Mark Saberton and chorus

5. I wanna see you tonight - Selina Hawker

6. I’ll be there - Djinh Kamei

7. No passengers! - Mark Saberton and Selina Hawker

8. Put on your parachute! - Tim Hall and George Ball

9. Here we are in Mineola - Chorus

10. Linking your name with mine - Selina Hawker and Djinh Kamei

11. I’m Edith! - Jennifer Hewes

12. The Statue of Liberty - Jennifer Hewes & Chorus

13. I’ve just come back from Europe - Tim Hall 

      14. Stand Back! Stand back! - Mark Saberton and Chorus


was held at the Pennoyer Center, Pulham St Mary

Saturday 9th March 2019

Welcome aboard the R34!

Items for sale and donations for the show welcome

Full house - dressed in style

Refreshments and canapes

A little chat with the stars

And now ready for the Talk

Julien van Beveren

opens the show.

of the musical story with examples of the music

Producer Basil Abbott introducing his journey with the R34 so far

Supper after a very well received presentation

Peter Creswell presents the story,

ideas and development ...

Stars of the show: Djinh Kamei, Selina Hawker + Mark Saberton

"Meet and Greet"

14th April 2019

A first rehearsal-meeting of most of the cast, directed by Peter Creswell with Matthew McCombie on the piano.

Selina got introduced to a song called "Welcome Heroes" that will open the second half of the show: It is a Charleston-styled two-step, originally planned for a tenor now rewritten for soprano voice and possibly supported by a group of dancers.

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