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Soiree 2016

Peter Creswell
Jennifer & Paul Hewes
Selina Hawker
Richard Donmall
Diana Samson
Bob Arnett
Sue Heaser
Max Sainsbury

1. Intro
2. Cathedral (Bells)
Peter Creswell
3. Announcement
4. Mass in f minor: Genitum non factum
5. Qui tollis peccata mundi
Jennifer Hewes
6. Announcement Peter
7. Announcement Richard
8.-12. Vaughan Williams: 5 Folksongs
Cors anglais and piano
Richard Donmill and Diana Samson
13. Announcement
14. Mass in f minor: Gratias Agimus tibi
15. Et iterum venturas est
Selina Hawker and Bob Arnett
16. Announcement
17. Midsummer Hare: Barnd owl music
Max Sainsbury and Peter Creswell
18. Announcement
19. The Midsummer Hare: Dawn and birdsong
Sue Heaser, Peter Creswell and Max Sainsbury
20. Announcement
21. Mass in f minor: Credo in spiritum
Jennifer Hewes
22. Announcement
23. Mass in f minor: Hosanna
Selina Hawker and Bob Arnett
24. Announcement
25. Ballad of Bethnal Green: Lavender Hill Cowboy
Paul Hewes
26. Announcement
27. Yound and foolish
Jennifer Hewes
28. Announcement
29. Two sleepy people
Jennifer & Paul Hewes
30. Announcement
31. Bachelor Gay
Paul Hewes
32. Birthday Cake

Videoediting and cameras
Ronnie Mehlis
Copyright 2016

This live-recording 

available via eMail from Peter Creswell

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