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The Prodigal Son &
The Good Samaritan (2021)
3 Disc-Set

Lyrics adapted by
Peter Creswell and Jennifer Hewes

Star Wing Brewery . Sunday 18 July 2021 at 7.30

Mark Saberton (Bass)

Sean Webster (Bass)

Jonathan Hanley (Tenor) 
Jennifer Hewes (soprano)

Selina Hawker (soprano)
Concert pianist Matthew McCombie

with chamber group
Rev Adrian Watkins (narrator)


Coral Ballinger

Sam Hejdeman
Alaine Weide

Djinh Kamei
Christine Vincent

Bob Arnett
Jane Fould

Steve Holmes
Mary Borges

Izaak Frost
Jane Coomber

Matthew McCombie,  Piano
Catherine Johnson, Cello
Paul Chambers, Double Bass
Iain Sturgeon, Trumpet

Conductor Peter Creswell

This live-recording 

available via eMail from Peter Creswell

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