(Wopsie and the Airship)
Facts (external links)
Facts about the Airship R34
(External links)
Start your airship-adventure at the
Airship Station at East Fortune
where the R34 left on Wednesday, July 2nd 1919
Begin the 100th anniversary celebration
of the landing in Pulham St Mary
Royal Naval Air Station Pulham St Mary
The R34.Adventure
Diss Museum (Basil Abbott, producer of the musical)
R34 Adventure at the Diss Museum
Diss Museum also on Facebook
A newsletter from Diss Museum (pdf-file)
90th Anniversary of R34 Arrival in America
Airship Heritage Trust
Book about British Airship R.34
R34 airship makes first trans-Atlantic return
The History Press: The R34 airship
R 34 Airship (1919)
Airship That Made History - R 34 (1919)

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